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The different videos in this topic explain various types of pollution, their cause and effect (e.g. air, water, noise etc.). It begins with a fascinating story – Pradushamaan, which teaches us that pollution can be like a monster if not controlled soon. This topic is meant for primary class children (age 9-10 years). Have fun, children!

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Story Questions and Answers

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Is there any way to decrease pollution caused by vehicles?
A. No, there is no such way
B. Yes, CNG driven vehicles cause less pollution
C. Yes, now days no vehicles cause pollution

2. What would have happen if factory owner buried all plastic?
A. Plastics wouldn’t cause any pollution
B. Plastic would make land fertile
C. Plastics would make land barren

3. Why was the monster cursing the green plants?
A. Plants made air clean which Pradushanmaan didn’t like
B. Plant were taking share of his garbage
C. Plants were making air more polluted

4. Why do people love to go to village for picnics?
A. Villages have become more advanced than cities
B. For fresh and pollution-free air
C. For business purpose


1. B
2. C
3. A
4. B

Subjective Questions

1. Factories are needed for development, but they cause pollution too. Can’t we dream of a growing town where nature and development will be stay side by side?

2. The monster thanked humans for making his life comfortable. Do you think we humans are foolishly encouraging the monster of pollution?

3. Why did the factory owner rectify his earlier mistakes? Was he scared? Or concerned about all?

4. Did the factory owner actually save money by his cost cutting measures or did he pay a heavy price because to it?

5. Apart from humans who all suffered due to Pradushamaan?

6. What all destruction Pradushamaan could have caused if he was not controlled in time?

7. Which type of bus did Aman take while returning back to their town? What was the advantage of this bus?

8. Is there any other idea you can think of using which you could get rid of PradushanMaan?


1. If factory recycles its wastes, it doesn’t cause much pollution. Think about it.
2. Humans are polluting environment and this pollution is causing many problems for humans.
3. He saw consequences of pollution. Was not it terrifying?
4. Think about it. He suffered a lot for that.
5. Pollution spares none, not even birds, fish. You can understand it if you remember the story.
6. He could have made the earth inappropriate for living. Think how the monster was polluting everything.
7. He took C.N.G bus that causes less pollution.
8. Think how we can fight pollution.

Topic Questions and Answers

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Land pollution affects plants. Does this pollution affect us too?
A. No, land pollution doesn’t affects animals
B. This pollution reduces quality of crops and thus affects us
C. It only affects animals which live underground e.g. snake

2. Air pollutants making the earth warmer as ____
A. Few of them stop the earth from radiating heat
B. Few of them generates heat
C. Air pollutants doesn’t cause global warming

3. What would happen if all types of sun rays reach the earth?
A. It would be good for us
B. Many types of sun rays e.g. UV are harmful for us
C. It would be good for plants but bad for us

4. The Taj Mahal got some blemishes due to the rain. Can you tell the reason?
A. It is just a rumor
B. Acid present in rain caused those blemishes
C. Marble stone can be washed away by water like soil

5. Can you tell what would happen if we bury all the plastics?
A. Those plastics wouldn’t cause any pollution anymore
B. Those plastics would make those lands more fertile
C. Plastics would make those lands barren lands

6. Pigs like to live in dirty places. Does that mean pollution is good for them?
A. Yes, all kinds of pollution is good for them
B. No, pollutants can harm their health too
C. All kind of pollutions is good for certain kind of pigs

7. Can the map of the earth change due to global warming?
A. Yes, due to melting of glaciers many islands would be flooded and gone
B. No, places will remain the same as it fielbonus is now
C. Cannot be said


1. B
2. A
3. B
4. B
5. C
6. B
7. A

Subjective Questions

1. With growing population pollution is increasing. How is population connected to pollution?

2. Do you think humans can make use of pollutants too?

3. Climate is changing all over the earth. Can you tell which kind of pollution is mainly responsible for that?

4. How would be the earth if there was no ozone layer?

5. Do you think water animals suffer from air pollution like us?

6. Do you think pollution in the cities can affect environment of the villages?

7. Do you think there is any connection between different types of pollution?

Answer Hints

1. With growing population, humans cut more trees for homes, cultivation, industries etc.
2. Human can recycle and reuse many wastes but not all.
3. Air pollution is mainly responsible.
4. Think about importance of ozone layer.
5. Air pollution causes changes in climate that affect all animals.
6. Global warming, ozone layer depletion etc. affects all.
7. There are common source of different pollutants e.g. factory causes land, water and air pollution. Land pollution increases water and air pollution.